SPAC is the best choice for those who seek scientific knowledge or literary acquirements in an environment where nature becomes uncompromising. But above intellectual acquirements, the school strives to build character in a student. Our curriculum is crafted to deliver the balance of four dimensions in the education of the young – mental, physical, social and spiritual under the auspices of our committed and dedicated molders of dreams.

The main gate of our school is just twelve (12) feet away from the national highway wherein five star buses and high end commuter vans plied as their regular route between Davao City and other nearby cities. It is so easy and effortless to reach our school either coming from Davao City International Airport or from well-secured Bus Terminals of different cities in the region. Our thoroughfares are spared from any traffic woes. Price of commodities in the province like vegetables and fruits won’t bring your sanity down. Congeniality of the people of Davao del Sur will also add sweet-smelling savor to your stay at SPAC.

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Nothing from May 28, 2016 to June 10, 2016.

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