Computer Science

Computer Science


Chairperson: Neila Paglinawan
Faculty: AB Rañola
MD Banasing
DD Genon


To provide outstanding instruction in Computer Science and IT-related education to all our students in accordance with the mission statement of South Philippine Adventist College and to engage in activity that promotes the growth and development of ICT in the institution and in the community.


Competent provider of holistic and quality computer education and related services.

Goals and Objectives

The BS in Computer Science program aims to:

1. Provide students the necessary tools to design and implement computer-based solutions
2. Foster in students personal and  interpersonal skills
3. Develop in students an attitude that upholds and honors the profession’s ethical standing
4. Provide students a solid background in the essential underpinnings of the discipline in order to prepare them for graduate studies in computer science and related disciplines.