Message to the Alumni

Dear Alumni:

It’s been two years now since I took my leave of absence from SPAC. This November, SPAC called me up and offered back the post I previously held before my last absence. I thank SPAC for this trust and confidence accorded on my behalf to manage the office of the alumni affairs, which in many ways, has been an important venue for our graduates to connect to their alma mater wherever they are stationed in different workplaces around the world. For so many years we have not fully established a more dynamic and vibrant relationship with our alumni, thus hinder better communication channels in order to make their presence most felt in their alma mater and vice versa. It is the vision of this office to rekindle once again the kind of enthusiasm and energy that bring back the true flame of SPAC’s spirit. I hope that you will walk with me towards that goal this day and henceforth. Our graduates are SPAC’s shining jewels to the world.

Let the connection begin.

Mabuhay ang SMA-SPAC Alumni


Zacharias Escobidal

SPAC Alumni Affairs Director