This school (SMA- SPAC) that builds character prepared me to work in this place both as a nurse and an entrepreneur.

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SMA (SPAC Academy) Alumnous
Former Registered Nurse at Montefiore Medical Center, N.Y., USA
Entrepreneur, U.S.A.


SPAC is a holistic training ground for excellence that will mold and nurture the youth to excel for Christ.

In this school we were trained to gain true wisdom and knowledge. To achieve great things and to survive hardships and be successful in defeating trials, make God as your guide and light and put your ALL in ALL to Him.

Aim and Achieve!

Soli deo Gloria.

Glenice Mae A. Nebato, RN
Graduated BSN at Mountain View College
Nursing Licensure Exam 2015 Top 7
SPACA Trenchant ‘11


“SPAC leads me the way to see the world of Success. I can never forget the things that I learned from this school. SPAC imparted so much to me in all aspects of life – mental to spiritual. I remember the inspiring words of my teachers that triggered my interest in computer programming and the challenge  they gave in order for me to go to the limits of my intellectual endurance, especially in the field of Information Technology. I now believe that behind every man’s success is someone’s hand you can never forget. So, thank you SPAC.”
April Jay Diolata
SPAC, BS Computer Science batch 2000
IT Consultant / Quality Assurance / Computer Programming Assessor
Federal TVET of Ethiopia / Ministry of Education Federal Democratic of Ethiopia East Africa


My memory accords my high school years, the distinction of being among the happiest phases of my life. I remember SMA in that light.
The academic standards were superb. Various extra-curricular opportunities were experienced in this dynamic campus where I served as one of its student leaders during my time.
I appreciated the chance it gave me to hone my humble musical skills by constant exposures to church programs and concert performances, being one of the original members and pianists of the Southern Minstrels in the early 80’s. These taught me solid learning foundation, instilled discipline and confidence which positively prepared me for my eventual medical career.
My gratitude goes to the dedicated teachers and mentors whom I have had the honor to learn from. I commend this Christian institution which remains to be awesome with its legacy in “character-building education” that SMA has provided me in the past and SPAC to continue to “nurture holistic excellence” for generations to come.
Dermatologist – Venereologist
Fellow, Philippine Dermatological Society
Diplomate & Fellow, Philippine Society of Venerelogists
International Fellow, American Academy of Dermatology
SMA Alumnus (1979 – 1983)
DermHealth Skin & STD Clinic
Digos City, Davao del Sur, Philippines



It’s more than 10 years since I graduated. SPAC was the place where I honed, more than anything else, my leadership capabilities. Yes, good grades were a great plus but SPAC was the ground I started to become a well-rounded individual, which I believe a very important asset when you try to make a dent in the world! During my 4 years stint, God had given me a chance to serve as the CSG president, Batch president, Collage EIC and more. It warms my heart being in the real world and to look back to where I came from and say, “Man! I am an SPAC Alumnus!”

Wherever God will lead my life and my family, I always feel indebted to all the professors that God has placed in SPAC to mold my mind, my character and my spirit. I pray that God will continue to make our school a place “to make ready a people for the Second Coming of Jesus.” I am proud of SPAC, and I am a proud SPACian!

Ian Mark Catolico
Youth Pastor, Inland Empire Filipino SDA Church, Redlands, California
Financial Professional, World Financial Group, Ontario California



Remembering Ninoy Aquino: His 31st life

August 21, 2014

Today the country honors a man who paradoxically never sought honor for himself but his countrymen. A man who could have chosen the road to fame and affluence being born to a prosperous family of hacenderos and genetically aligned to prominent oligarchic clans. These well-secured and irresistible material and familial endowments to his growing years and on to his political career could have tied him to his own tree of self -aggrandizement- unmindful of the plight of others. But he chose the unpopular – leading him to the “road less travelled by” (Robert Frost).  For such a character for others in the midst of plenty is as rare as painite.

Sensing the sufferings and the pangs of pain that his fellow Filipinos lived through during the most challenging years of Marcos era, he took off his garment of self and lived a life  full of pain and suffering so that others might see their worth and dignity as Filipnos. He became an unflinching critic of Marcos government. But it was not his flamboyant discourse that catapulted him to selfless prominence… his heart.  He too at times received heavy punches from his critics accusing him of being a leftist, communist, destabilizer, etc.. Well, both sides may argue on these allegations to eternity. But his conviction of heart and indomitable principles remain uncontested and unrefuted because it led us to the paths of freedom and liberty. His assassination on August 21, 1983 at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport had buried the martial rule years into the ground of oblivion; thus, resurrected democracy for our country.

If there is anything that is so priceless for our country to possess it is not the beautiful skyway nor the high rise buildings that now occupy the metropolis. Not even a remarkable GNP or GDP that our leaders brag about. But it is democracy itself, first thing and foremost. For there is no substitute for people who live under a regime of justice, equality and liberty. This is the eternal legacy of the late Ninoy Aquino to our country. So that in his 31st death anniversary, I say, it his 31st life anniversary, for he gave us life – our democracy.




SPAC family joins the proud people of Davao del Sur in celebrating 47th “Araw ng Davao del Sur.”

Photo by Mishael Monterola - SPAC. Taken in front of SPAC

SPAC is brightly proud to have been situated on one of the fertile grounds of Davao del Sur. The very strength of this province lies on its people and leaders. Wherever you go, every person or stranger you meet, more often than not, seems to be an old friend. You visit government offices and private establishments, people seem to have personal attachment with someone or with everyone whom they are talking to. You go to the market place, when children offer you something to buy they would give you the best courtesy that one could ever imagine – they will call you uncle or auntie. By and large, the people of Davao del Sur are fun to be with. They believe that we belong to one family. In other words, they are peace loving people.

The people of Davao del Sur are also honest. An employee of SPAC, one time, had lost her wallet with substantial amount in it while on her way  to one of the department stores in the city of Digos. She thought it would never be recovered. But after one week of seemingly hopeless search, her phone rang informing her that her wallet was found by a lady vendor, who in due honesty, gave it to the caretaker of a nearby SDA church so it could be easily reclaimed by the rightful owner. Everything in the wallet was present. Also, four of our students had found one expensive brand of tablet in one of the malls last year. It was accidentally left by a mother who was busy attending to her child. They called the mother after they got her number from the tab. The owner was full of joy when the tab was returned to her.

I witnessed an old penniless man negotiating with a jeepney driver if he could just take a ride on his way home from Digos city to Bansalan for free. The jeepney driver just smiled and said, “yes”. Wow! This is the character of Davao del Sur.

Our leaders are vision- driven. When Mindanao was mostly at dark times due to shortage of power supply, Davao del Sur was and is an exception. The future is bright at Davao del Sur.

The ever beautiful Davao del Sur was created by the defunct Congress on May 8, 1967, under RA No. 4867. But it started functioning as a province on July 1, 1967.

We all deserve this day! Mabuhay Davao del Sur!


Note: Photo above was taken by Mishael Monterola in front of SPAC main gate.

“SPAC academy has done a lot for who I am today. During my four (4) years stay in high school it gave me a better foundation and prepared me to become  a better surgeon. The school really builds a good character of  a student.”

Dr Julieto M. Comia, MD, Surgeon
Board of Director, Medical Center of Digos Cooperative (MCDC)
President, Med Care Hospital, Sta Cruz, Davao del Sur
Medical Director, Bansalan Medical Clinic and Hospital
MA (in progress) Business Administration in Health Care Management (Ateneo de Manila Univ.)
Batch 1984 (SMA- SPAC)



An Interview with General Conference Vice Presidents-Dr. Delbert Baker and Dr. Geoffrey Gabriel Mbwana


Dr. Delbert Baker

Student Leadership

As a student, I was active in leadership. I was a junior class president as well as the senior class president. I had been involved in leadership in one way or another. I thought when I was student, and I was more convinced later, that what we did as a student (as a student leader), would follow you all the way through your life. I don’t know if there is a study that supports this idea. I would suggest that you conduct a research on this. But I would surmise and would believe that when you’re a leader in-campus, you will also be a leader off-campus.

It is in the DNA.Continue Reading

South Philippine Adventist College has been the best training ground for me both professionally and spiritually. SPAC provided me all the best venues for me to develop both my IT skills and my communication skills. When I was in the second year of my Computer Science degree, I was offered to join Collage Magazine, the official student publication of SPAC, as an Associate Editor. But here’s the catch though. I need to do the whole Graphic and Layout Design for the Magazine. So basically, they wanted me to be the Associate Editor and the Graphic and Layout Artist as well. Because at that time, I was also starting to study graphic design using Photoshop, so I accepted the challenge to join the Student Magazine team.Continue Reading