Faculty and Staff Presentation

Close to 80 workers of SPAC were introduced to students in all levels at the jampacked La Sage auditorium on June 16, 2017. This is the first time that the lobby portion of the administration building was occupied by students during chapel period. The Vice President for Academic Affairs, Ms. ALevir Pido, introduced the workers with joy and pride considering that many of our workers could have chosen to work outside due to their highly competitive credentials. Their commitment and passion to teaching ministry is noteworthy, said VPAA. Dr. Chlievjferwyn C. Catolico, SPAC President, on the other hand, inspired both students and teachers in his keynote address. While reaffirming what the VPAA has said on the strength of faculty lineup, he admonished students to be passionate and focused on their studies at SPAC. He assured students that SPAC, as it always does, won’t do less in her mission, philosophy, and vision. Continue Reading

Enrolment for Senior High and Junior High is setting a new trend for SPAC

1st chapel period for Junior Academy

1st chapel period for Junior Academy

Enrolment for Senior high grade 11 students this school year has reached its target figure. SPAC Senior High department is now closing in the enrolment for grade 11 at 160 enrolees just enough to be accommodated for our newly constructed classrooms. Continue Reading

Senior High Students are officially welcomed today

With a good turn out of senior high enrolment this school year, the school treats them to a friendlier acquaintance party held at the La Sage auditorium today hosted by the teachers and the student government officers of the Senior High Department. Later, the students were assigned according to strands in different areas to get a freshly Chirstian experience of solidarity and belongingness. Enrolment figure for our grade 11 students this year (it is still counting) surpassed that of last year. All of our dormitories are already full so that those late comers, including junior high school students, have to negotiate for the guest house for their accomodation. However, enrolment for junior academy is getting stronger as well. We will announce the final enrolment figure next week or until enrolment is officially closed. College enrolment is going on.

SPAC greatly thanks our parents both Adventists and non Adventists for entrusting their children to us. To God be the glory!

Colloquium and start of classes bring better and promising opportunities for SPAC this school year (2017-2018)

Our new molders of dreams

Our new molders of dreams

SPAC welcomes the new school year 2017-2018 with high hopes as manifold blessings pouring in in many ways. And to reaffirm our workers’ commitment to their high calling, they were ushered in to another immersion process they call a colloquium where they are reintroduced to the emblems of the college, participate in discussion on the direction of the school, listen to God’s word, eat together, and participate in a communion service.Continue Reading

CHED finally grants government recognition for accountancy program of SPAC


CHED XI has finally granted Government Recognition to the accountancy program of SPAC after three years of operation under permit- based previously given by the same on a school year basis. This means that SPAC is now spared from a tedious yearly application for CHED permit in order for our accountancy program to operate. SPAC family thanks the CHED XI for this grant. This is another huge blessing for SPAC. Congratulations SPAC. To God be the glory!

Enroll now. Our teachers are highly qualified to meet the very demanding challenges of the accountancy program.

New Girls Dormitory is full; New Boys Dormitory has 4 more beds to fill up just 1 month before classes to open in June 2017.

Just a month before classes will start for A.Y. 2017-2018, both our new dormitories are already filled up, except for new boys dormitory which still has 4 bed vacancies left. However, West Girls Dormitory intended for college students may be opened up for junior and senior high students (girls) who wish to stay in the dormitory.Continue Reading

Watch the short film of Bennimert Marco Mariano (SPAC batch 2017). 1st recipient of “SPAC Ambassador Award”. The champion on wheels!

Produced by the Advancement Office of SPAC. Soooon on this page

Mr. Art Kevin Rio is this year’s recipient of “Paterno M. Diaz Leadership Award”. His story is a “must read” for every theology student.

With Hon. Judge Chalmer Gevieso giving the award

With Hon. Judge Chalmer Gevieso giving the award

I am Art Kevin B. Rio. I was born on October 10, 1995, a historical day for my parents, in a humble community of Libasan, Nabunturan, Compostela Valley Province. For me, adversities don’t always win over aspirations. I always indoctrinate my heart with this quote, “Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire.” This gives me a reason to pursue and finish Bachelor of Arts in Theology at South Philippine Adventist College in spite of hardships in life. I do believe that we only experience life once and it must give inspiration to those who are discouraged and in despair that they may hold on to their precious aspirations in life like making it worth living (before God and man) before we expire.

To read his full story, go to FEATURED ARTICLES page on this web.

2017 College Graduate-Awardees

South Philippine Adventist College


GPA on major subjects: 3.25 and above;
no grade below 86% on major subjectsContinue Reading

SPAC 20th Graduation Ceremonies start tonight

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Schedule Of Events


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