SPAC junior academy celebrates Math Day today

SPAC junior academy students are off classrooms today in celebration of Math Day held in the La Sage auditorium. Different Games and booths for play highlight the celebration to encourage students to love math, among other subjects taught in the academy. Creavity and ingenuity are two best words to describe the fun and learning that the academy students have experienced today. Further, SPAC junior academy is positioning herself to become science-based curriculum academy in the future in the light of Adventist philosophy of education. At SPAC, we never stop innovating our curriculum in order to make our students more relevant in today’s fast-changing reality.Continue Reading

A short documentary film of Bennimert Marco Mariano (10 minutes) – Pls. watch and share to inspire others

South Philippine Adventist College presents:  Journey – A short documentary film of Bennimert Marco Mariano, A celebration of what the human spirit can do

This is SPAC’s pure work. We continue to perfect our expression for creatvity to inspire others.

SPAC welcomes new workers

Mr Zarcarias C Escobidal, Mr. Francis Lloyd Col, Mr. Jezreel Crisostomo, Ms Pamela Parami, Ms Polene Ann Gomez( not in the photo – Mr Julius Daquio, Ms Johanna Jean Bombeo) These are the new promising additions to SPAC family. Welcome aboard. To God be the glory!

EIKON (Yearbook) 2017 is now up for release.

The publications office continues to ensure our students quality output and uptodate releases of both student publications and yearbook. Congratulations “Power Team” for the job well done. GET YOUR COPY NOW.

Publications Office

SPAC Junior academy students bag top awards in the Pop quiz and DTI quiz bee competitions

SPAC junior academy students did it again in winning two significant awards in the competition sponsored by the Departmentof Trade of Trade and Industry which was held last October 20, 2017 in Digos City’s biggest mall. In two categories that they participated, our grade 9 student, JB Love Lloren, brought home the hghest award – champion (Pop Quiz), while three of our grade 8 students, namely: Venz Novem Escobidal, Ronette Joy Alfanta, Rochel Shane Sombillon took the 1st place in another category ( DTI quiz). These students are accompanied by their coaches – Ms. Sheirah Dale Pelayo for Pop Quiz, and Ms. Brylyn Flores for DTI quiz. Congratulations to all of you!

JL Lloren

DTI quiz winners

Faculty and Staff celebrating Teacher’s Day in the (Vikings) King’s table

Each year SPAC faculty and staff are treated to a either a fine dining or school visits for benchmarking prposes or both at the same time in Davao city. This year the faculty association of SPAC voted to spend the day in food feasting in one of the leading “eat all you can” food chains in the country. This is just one way to unburden the the workers of the many work they do in school. The experience of eating together in such a wonderful place is one most memorable experience that each worker can always look forward to every year. Congratulations teachers!

Photos to follow

SPAC Academy Alumni Hold Concert at SPAC




Students from junior academy, senior high, and college are all set to explode in their excitement for this year’s “Hugyaw” celebration. This is going to be an exciting week long event for students starting Monday night until next Sunday through various fun-filled events. Students have been busy preparing for their respective presentations either in nightly or daily programs prepared by the CSG leaders in coordination with the junior academy and senior high student leaders. Since the overall enrolment for this year is the highest so far in the history of SPAC, this celebration will bring a new chapter of “Hugyaw” in SPAC. The opening ceremony will be highlighted by the parade of lanterns. Photos will follow soon.

Junior academy department recognizes achievers for 1st grading period

School Year 2017-2018

SPAC Junior Academy is proud to announce the following names who made it to the Honor Roll during the 1st grading period of school year 2017-2018. A recognition ceremony was already tendered on them by the principal, Mr Ranzolin Bayeta, and the teachers during the recognition of Pathfinder officers on September 15, 2017 at the La Sage auditorium. Congratulations students and parents – SPAC Junior Academy

(No grade below 85)
(General Average: 85-89)
(Conduct Grade: B- = 85-89%)

(No grade below 85)
(General Average: 90-94)
(Conduct Grade: B- = 85-89%)

(No grade below 85)
(General Average: 95 & above)
(Conduct Grade: B = 90% and above)Continue Reading