List of Priority Projects

The following are the priority projects of SPAC:

Alumni or particular donor may wish to share their blessings to help build one of the promising Christian schools today.

1. Cafeteria building

2. Elementary building – We are looking for a philanthropist whom we can name the building in his/her honor.

3. Dormitories – We can accept BOT scheme proposal.

We are also authorized to issue dollar receipt through designated local church mission office. Contact us now. Thank you and God bless you abundantly!

Even in your small amount it can still make a difference in the future of our young! Try our U-share portal (powered by UnionBank). Just go to and click “DONATION” button. Thank you!

Four classroom- bldg. construction underway.

To meet the needs of our incoming senior high students, SPAC undertakes the construction of 4 classroom building, under loan package, adjacent to the previous college building, now senior high building. It is a two storey- building with 8 classrooms, but will initially start with four classrooms in the meantime as dictated by its budget.

Alumni and friends who may wish to be part of this project, you may avail of our U-SHare portal (provided by Union Bank) to easily facilitate your donations using your credit card. Just click DONATION button on the front page of the web or you may contact us through the numbers and emails posted on this web under CONTACTS. Thank you very much to those who avail our U-Share portal. Thank you very much for taking part in the service of God and man through providing Christian education.

SPAC greatly thanks our valuable donors for the following gifts (This page is updated every time new donation comes in) :

1. Mr Bren Atienza for his kind donation for the elementary scholaraship grant for two accountancy students. Thank you so much for your generosity. (November 16, 2017 – pls see mmain page of our web, middle part for additional posting) Official receipt will be forwarded to the donor. God bless
2.Mr. Rexton Nainggolan (Indonesia)for your kind donation for the elementary bldg. project. Our deepest gratitude to you. (Pls see main page of SPAC web, middle section for acknkowledgement of our donors)
3.Ms. Cholit Suasi, Ms. Grin Serenio-Tojino (alumna), Mr. Mishael Toyogon for donating 2 50 inch LED TV for Senior high classrooms. Thank you so much for your generosity. Official receipt for your donation shall be sent to your current address.
4. SMA-SPAC ALUMNI CHAPTER THAILAND for their donation for classrooms in the college. Thank you so much for your expression of love to your alma mater. Official receipt of your donation shall be forwarded to your association (Pls see front/main page , middle part,  of this web) God bless! July 12, 2017.
1. Dr. Jared Maratas (Canada) for donating one (1) brand new LCD projector for the SCDC office. Thank you so much, Dr. Maratas.IMG_20170313_083231 Feb. 13, 2017.
1. Education Department of Southern Asia Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventist Church headed by Dr. Lawrence Domingo and through his kind intercession, for donating 12 units of brand new desktop computers for our computer laboratory.


2. South Philippine Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church for donating an amount in the purchase of two (2) additional 50″ LED TVs and additional wooden arm chairs for our classrooms.

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New Dormitory – Near Completion


SPAC’s New Dormitory is soon to open (2nd floor). The third floor is designated for worship hall. To God be the glory!

List of donors will soon appear on this page as our way of saying thank you to them. Others can still send in their love offering for the final completion of this project. Just click the box “DONATION” in the main page for easy, fast, and transparent transaction. This portal is powered by UNION BANK. Thank you very much.

SPAC greatly thanks our valued donors for their continued support for our elementary building project

Donation update for the elementary building project

We are updating this page every now and then as the new names of the donors come in


January 2017
Mr. Gregorio G Racho (Thru Ma’am Marife Descartin)
Mr. and Mrs. Catalino Sanchez (Thru Ma’am Arlyn Punay)

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OR #166220
OR #166221
OR # 166222
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Your offerings and donations are now at work

February 25, 2015 – South Philippine Adventist College is now on its way to completion of its priority project this school year – the construction of the 2nd and 3rd floors of the New Girls’ Dormitory, which costs around 10.6M (based on the project manager’s computation as stipulated in the contract, which also affirmed by SPAC independent consultant).

Sensing the dire need for students to stay in the dormitory, SPAC is determined to finish the said project by May of this year just in time for the opening of the school year come June 2015. We will dedicate this page to individuals or institutions who in one way or another has shared or will continue to share his/her blessings to SPAC.

Rest assured that for every penny you give to SPAC it is fully accounted for. Thank you so much for being a part of SPAC’s on-going  humble progress.Continue Reading